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Prudent Procurement of 340B Contractor Services

The first such step is to procure 340B contractor services in a prudent manner.  Ironically and importantly, federal law and regulation is such that covered entity procurements (or most of them) of pharmacy or vendor services are actually governed by

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340B Pharmacy and Vendor Contracts Raise Legal Concerns

Since the enactment of Section 340B in 1992,1 federal (and drug manufacturer) enforcement of legal requirements imposed by 340B on “covered entities” has been quite limited. Between health reform legislation and the likelihood that covered entities will expand their 340B

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HRSA Updates 340B Drug Pricing Program Audit Practices

As the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) carries on to improve their function in the 340B drug pricing program administration, they have crafted three modifications which will affect covered entities. While the overall process continues to be mostly unchanged, recently-announced improvements

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