Self Assessment

Now that your program is built and in place, Innova will provide a comprehensive review of your internal auditing techniques. Self Assessment provides guidance for both (a) organizations struggling to develop the ideal set of auditing tools and (b) those who are simply looking to brush-up an existing, well-run program. As you know, proper, regular internal audits are a crucial step in maintaining compliance and examining internal controls to prevent diversion and duplicate discounts. Damaging impacts of improperly designed and executed internal audits include both a waste of internal resources, as well as mistaken confidence in the adherence of your program. Innova will work with you to craft an internal audit process specifically designed and uniquely tailored to fit your needs and technology support systems. Self Assessment ultimately ensures that the efforts involved in an internal audit are appropriately directed and provides reassurance that your program is being run correctly.

Ongoing Self Assessments

Despite understanding and appreciating the importance of an internal audit, many entities do not have the resources, manpower, and/or expertise to execute the evaluations with confidence. Operating with a scarce set of resources, it can be difficult to identify existing employees able to abandon current work responsibilities and dedicate their time to audit processes. As such, Innova can provide Ongoing Self Assessments of your program. A dedicated team will remove this burden from your employees and allow Innova to conduct your periodic internal audits; returning all findings to your staff for quality control follow up.