Year: 2016

Get Ready for A HRSA 340B Program Audit

Many covered entities (“CE”)  have already experienced the Health Resources and Services Administration (“HRSA”) audit procedure. If your CE hasn’t already experienced a HRSA review yet, be assured it’s coming to you and perhaps sometime soon. 340B Program Audit Basics

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340B Drug Pricing Program ‘Mega Guidance’ – Key Takeaways

HRSA has released guidance on the 340B drug pricing program. The guidance will likely be published in the Federal Register late summer. While the guidance addresses a range of topics, it will presumably focus on the definition of patient, contract pharmacy

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Adapting to 340B Program Mega Guidance

Covered entities awaiting publication of HRSA’s mega-guidance should prepare to be compliant with the 340B program  on the effective date of new guidance.  Entities will need to assess its compliance with the final rules and implement processes that support a compliant

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